About Us

Farms, Flowers and Allied Products (FFAP) is a Co-operative Society registered under Cooperative Laws in Nigeria to engage in Agric business and entrepreneurship.
FFAP seeks to serve a wide spectrum of co-operative with a view to creating possibilities for agripreneurship, training and technology-driven processes critical to the agricultural value chain.

FFAP creates an agricultural hub for farmers, marketers and credit co-operatives in the Agric business through the use of technology while offering useful linkages, partnership/collaborations and mentorship for its membership.
FFAP provides strong technical and innovative skills necessary to operate in an information-driven society.

The Co-operative forges strategic alliances and partnerships both locally and globally in facilitating capacity building for its members.
Through trainings and systematic mentorship, members are exposed to business opportunities along several agricultural value chains providing best technology in deriving the good yields and marketing strategy that can differentiate our members among other competitors.
At FFAP we believe agripreneurship is critical to fostering a pathway that positions agriculture as a more attractive and profitable venture. Our focus on agripreneurship has the potential to contribute to a range of social and economic development such as employment generation, income generation, poverty reduction and improvements in nutrition, health and overall food security in the national economy.

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Our Vision

To be a leading Co-operative Society in the West-Africa sub-region that improves agricultural productivity through the building and sustenance of Agripreneurship best practices with the application of modern technology in the agriculture value chain.

Our Mission Statement

To provide farmers, traders and all others engaged in the agriculture value chain with comprehensive service and durable solutions through the application of modern technology for sustained impact.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Hard work
  • Commitment and service per excellence
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The objective of the society is to promote the economic interest of its members

The provision of facilities for regular savings and investments by members without such savings being removed from their control.

Creation of funds to be lent to its members and pay dividend/interest respectively.

To encourage members to embark on extensive farming enterprise either on individual basis or on group basis.

Any other measures designed on co-operative principles to encourage among its members the spirit and practice of savings, mutual helps, self-help and facilitate severance package for members.

To stock quality seeds, fertilizers and Agricultural Mechanicals for sale to members and non-members at reasonable prices.

To encourage improved methods of agriculture and to supply expert advice.

To arrange for the sale of members produce to the best advantage of members.

To raise funds by issuing shares and contracting loans for and on behalf of its members.

To apply for Agricultural loans to Bank of Agriculture, commercial banks, Development Banks and Banks of Industry.

The creation of funds to be lent to its members at fair and reasonable rates of interest for provident or productive processes.

Enhance partnerships between the Cooperative, groups and key players in the private and public sector, relevant to agribusiness development.

Empower and skill members in agripreneurship.


Agripreneurship is merging entrepreneurship and agriculture to create profitable and fulfilling business. In a nutshell it is entrepreneurs who turn their farms into business opportunities.

Capacity Building

Members will be empowered through capacity building trainings. These include both Local and International at different times of the year. These trainings will help to keep members abreast with latest technology and innovations towards actualization of personal and professional development.

Technical Support

At Farms Flowers and Allied Products Cooperative Society Ltd we help farmers become productive agripreneurs through Agro - preneurer training, capacity training with the use of technology.

Business Support

Support agro-businesses that increase industrial products, provide employment, earn foreign exchange, increase income level and also provide employment to women and provide base for development for under developed areas These include Seeds, Fertilizers, Pest Management, agricultural Implements and Machinery

Savings and Loans

Our members are encouraged to save today in order to meet tomorrow’s rising needs. Members are advised to choose a pattern that will not affect their everyday living. It is also a fundamental practice of cooperative to allow members to borrow and our terms and conditions are moderate.

Collective Bargains

FFAP Initiative has the interest of its members at heart and therefore committed to their total well-being. The cooperative will enjoy the benefit of bargain purchases with several manufacturers who deliver their products at reduced rates. Our members will have the opportunity to enjoy a reasonable discount on variety of food items and daily needs products.


Contact Info

ffap Initiative.
CBN Staff Qrts Block C6 Flat 32 Ubiaja Crescent by Tantalizer
Garki II, Abuja

Email: info@ffap.com.ng

Phone No: 09033606228